Tuesday, 2 April 2013


If you are interested in food then you should pay a visit to FlavourFirst.org.  To quote it's mission statement:

"Flavour is an initiative which launched in December 2012 with a simple purpose:  to cut through the hype and what is in or out of fashion, to highlight food that tastes as good as it possibly can. Collaborating closely with some of the nation’s foremost chefs, producers, retailers, critics and writers, our aim is to find, share and ultimately help support the best food producers".

They have a regular feature FLAVOURS OF THE UNEXPECTED in which guest contributors recall notable flavour experiences. Last week we were delighted to learn that our contribution had been published. And not only that but we received a bottle of Nytimber Classic Cuvee, one of the most admired British sparkling wines in appreciation of our efforts.


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